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How to create a productive organic garden from lawn in 12 months - 6 key tips from expert organic/biodynamic gardener Peter Kearney

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Peter Kearney

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July 11th
09:00 AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

How to choose your ideal site?

Learn how to identify the key aspects of your potential organic garden sites within your lawn space. These aspects have a profound impact on the success of the organic garden.

How to maintain soil health and plant vitality

Learn the key rhythms of activity over the year to maintain soil health and plant vitality using organic and biodynamic methods. Appreciate how vital this is for plant health.

How to design your organic garden with minimal resources

,How to layout your garden beds, paths and services to ensure its easy to work in the garden space, drains effectively and maximises any existing soil base.

How to work with in season right crops

How to choose the right crops for your seasons and climate, planting tips that greatly maximise cropping, working with seeds or seedlings

How to transform starting soil

Learn how to identify key aspects of base soil, how to deepen soil base without bringing in any soil, the first 3 key inputs in your soil to increase organic matter, provide diverse mineral base and stimulate soil life

How to organically manage weeds and pests/diseases in your organic garden

Learn 3 key strategies in working with weeds and how to develop the most appropriate method of observation in your garden to enable you to respond to changes in its vitality


About Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is an experienced organic and biodynamic food grower with a strong passion for developing the urban agriculture potential of cities. Peter's business, My Food Garden at consults to individuals, community organisations, governments and large property developers on integrating sustainable urban agriculture into their environments.

Peter will be using the first 12 months of his own food garden commenced in late 2018 to demonstrate all concepts in the webinar. In his food garden of 200m2 of gross area, Peter produced 1200kg of produce in the first 12 months and expects to increase production and food quality in year 2. You get his insights, learning and tips of how he did it


Peter commenced organic food growing as a child and he is never too far away from his bounteous food gardens. An experienced educator and organic gardening coach, Peter's presentation style reveals his deep knowledge and passion for the subject with his ability to simply explain complex subjects.

Peter has actively worked with biodynamic methods in his food growing for 23 years in his own food gardens, as an educator, adviser to urban farmers/gardeners, writer and speaker at national and international conferences on working biodynamic methods into urban agriculture. He is a director of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, the peak body for biodynamics in Australia.

July 11th
09:00 AEST