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How to eliminate nut grass and other persistent weeds with Biodynamic peppering

Hosted by
Peter Kearney

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June 20th
09:00 AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

What is biodynamic peppering?

Learn how to transform the reproductive part of the plant into a potent mixture using only fire and water to stop the weed from reproducing. A non chemical process that can be used on any scale.

How to support the process of eliminating a weed with biodynamic peppers

Learn highly efficient biodynamic methods to support the process of eliminating the weed that leads to transformation of your soil fertility.

How to make biodynamic peppers

Using nut grass as an example, you will learn what to harvest, how and when to burn the nuts of the nut grass and how to potentise the ash so its ready for application.

Understanding the purpose of weeds

You will gain insight in a new way of looking at weeds and how you can weave them into your soil fertility processes

How to apply biodynamic peppers

You will learn the importance of timing the application of the biodynamic pepper with the moon cycle, the dilution factor to use, frequency of application and simple gear to apply it.

Other management practices to work with weeds

Learn 3 additional key strategies in managing your food garden that will greatly reduce weed pressure using organic and biodynamic methods.


About Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is an experienced organic and biodynamic food grower with a strong passion for developing the urban agriculture potential of cities. Peter's business, My Food Garden at consults to individuals, community organisations, governments and large property developers on integrating sustainable urban agriculture into their environments.

Peter commenced organic food growing as a child and he is never too far away from his bounteous food gardens. An experienced educator and organic gardening coach, Peter's presentation style reveals his deep knowledge and passion for the subject with his ability to simply explain complex subjects.

Peter has actively worked with biodynamic methods in his food growing for 23 years in his own food gardens, as an educator, adviser to urban farmers/gardeners, writer and speaker at national and international conferences on working biodynamic methods into urban agriculture.

He is a director of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, the peak body for biodynamics in Australia.

June 20th
09:00 AEST