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How to easily integrate green manure cropping into your veg garden soil fertility

Hosted by
Peter Kearney

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May 30th
09:00 AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

Why a green manure crop is essential

Appreciate why a regular green manure crop is the easiest and most effective way to build soil organic matter and aiding soil life whilst building your understanding of soil through activity

How to plant most effectively

Find out how to prepare your beds for the green manure crop and the easiest way of planting

Choosing the best time frame in your garden cycle

Know how to determine the ideal months to work with a green manure within your organic garden planting and climate cycle

How to care for the crop

Find out expected cropping time frames, water needs and when to cut down

Choosing the right crops

Find out what crops most ideally suit your climate and cropping needs. Understand about growing multiple crops at once and the key minerals provided by each crop

How to ensure maximum benefit when finishing off crop

Do you dig in the crop or not? How long do you wait before planting your veg into the green manure cropped beds? Can the break down process be made more effective with biodynamic soil preps? Answers provided


About Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is an experienced organic and biodynamic food grower with a strong passion for developing the urban agriculture potential of cities. Peter's business, My Food Garden at consults to individuals, community organisations, governments and large property developers on integrating sustainable urban agriculture into their environments.

Peter commenced organic food growing as a child and he is never too far away from his bounteous food gardens. An experienced educator and organic gardening coach, Peter's presentation style reveals his deep knowledge and passion for the subject with his ability to simply explain complex subjects.

Peter has founded a number of community agriculture projects. He is a director of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and regularly presents at national and international conferences on working biodynamic methods into urban agriculture.

May 30th
09:00 AEST