An exclusive Live Webinar

How to use biodynamic soil preps to enhance soil life and plant vitality

Hosted by
Peter Kearney
June 19th
09:00 AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

What are the key biodynamic (BD) soil preps?

Learn about BD horn manure, BD compost preps and BD soil activator.

When to apply the BD preps?

Appreciate the yearly cosmic and tactical rhythms of when to use the biodynamic soil preps,

Purpose of each BD soil prep

Appreciate the unique purpose of each BD soil prep.

What to expect with using BD soil preps

Understand how BD soil preps effect soil life, organic processes and create resilient plants

How are BD soil preps applied?

Learn the quantities used, dilution factors, frequency of application and simple gear to apply it.

Where do you source BD preps?

Find where to buy BD soil preps and which BD preps you can make for yourself


About Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is an experienced organic and biodynamic food grower with a strong passion for developing the urban agriculture potential of cities. Peter's business, My Food Garden at consults to individuals, community organisations, governments and commercial scale urban farmers on sustainable urban agriculture.

Peter commenced organic food growing as a child and he is never too far away from his bounteous food gardens. An experienced educator and organic/biodynamic gardening coach, Peter's presentation style reveals his deep knowledge and passion for the subject with his ability to simply explain complex subjects.

Peter has actively worked with biodynamic methods in his food growing for 23 years in his own food gardens, as an educator, adviser to urban farmers/gardeners, writer and speaker at national and international conferences on working biodynamic methods into urban agriculture.

He is a director of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, the peak body for biodynamics in Australia.

June 19th
09:00 AEST
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